A downloadable game for Android

DefCon Z is a Virtual Reality multiplayer zombie apocalypse shooter designed for cardboard and similar VR devices. This is an early release preview, and some aspects are still in beta stage.

Important requirements!

⦁ A Virtual Reality headset like Cardboard is required.

⦁ At least a four button gamepad or controller is also required to move your player around the environment. Controllers with an expanded button set will have more playability and functions.

⦁ An Android device running 4.4 or higher capable of 720 resolution is the minimum requirement. Older phones may be capable of limited play. Newer devices running a quad core processor or better with 1 gb of ram or more have the best framerates. I have done most of my testing on an S3, S5 and Note 4/5. I am very interested in your experience, as I wish I had more devices to test on.


Survive the waves of zombies as long as you can! Play alone or with friends with co-op survival. Search for weapon and ammo pick-ups to survive longer. Unlock achievements and check your score against others on the leaderboards. Note: There is currently only survival mode in this early release preview. Multiplayer, achievements, and leaderboards require a Google Play Game Services account.


On four-button gamepads:

Confirm/Fire: X/button 1

Cancel/Flashlight: Circle/button 2

Reload: Triangle/button 3

Switch Weapon: Square/button 4

On expanded-button controllers (bluetooth & console):

Confirm/Fire: X/A/button 1/ & right trigger (R2)

Cancel/Flashlight: Circle/B/button 2

Reload: Triangle/Y/button 3

Switch Weapon: Square/X/button 4/ & left bumper (L1)

Score Panel: Start

Aim Down Sight: Right bumper

  • Install instructions

  • If you are here because your phone has a problem with .obb files, you want to download the fully compiled non-Google Play version: DefConZforAndroidNonGPMarket-release.apk file.
  • Setup your Cardboard or similar VR device and controller.
  • Download the .apk.
  • Your phone may prompt you to install the file when the download completes (which may also trigger the allow unknown sources pop-up), otherwise navigate to the download folder in your file browser and tap the file: DefConZforAndroidNonGPMarket-release.apk
  • You will need to confirm that you wish to install .apk files from non-market (or unknown) sources, this is normal and your phone is just trying to protect you from viruses. After you install DefCon Z you may re-enable this feature in your settings, typically: settings->security->unknown sources.
  • If you are interested in trying the Next Version Beta: Follow these instructions, but download the file ending in -(Version number)BetaTest.apk
  • Beta Version Notice: multiplayer will not function properly unless you are matching with someone running the same beta version you are using.
  • Download

    DefConZforAndroidNonGPMarket-release.apk 188 MB
    DefConZforAndroidNonGPMarket-v6BetaTest916.apk 255 MB

    Also available on